Perhaps you’re at a cross roads on whether to leave your current job? Your children have left the home and now what? Who am I and where do I want to go? How do you navigate through these cycles?

I offer a FREE 30 minute meeting between us in my sacred space in South Portland or over the phone to determine what your needs are, where you’re struggling and how we can improve your life. What makes my program unique from others? By using my intuitive gifts, I’m able to discern what is really happening on an energetic level and work with you where you’re currently at and how to propel you forward in a meaningful and powerful way.

Each journey is sacred and special.  I want to help you unlock your potential to make your path more open for you to travel on with improved ways of navigation.

I offer a 6 week individual program tailored to your unique position in life at the time.  We’ll work through the fears blocking you to move you along your path towards the goals you choose.

Each session can be scheduled for what works best for you.

This is a view of a Maine Landscape
Meet with me to discuss how we can work together to empower your life


Contact me below for more information and cost of my program.